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Welcome to the English Site of the Mühlenheider Museum of Wind Power!

We are a registered society dealing with the history of modern wind power in Germany. We intensively try to collect old wind turbines and wind energy documents of the 1980s and 1990s era to save and present them to the public.

Find out more about the museum and its aims below.


In the past 25 years the German wind industry has experienced an unprecedented rise. This new industry is not just securing jobs but it also contributes significantly to a clean and sustainable energy supply in Germany. Thus, the German wind industry has become a relevant industry with a bright future. The Mühlenheider Wind Power Museum is a registered society founded in 1997. Its aim is to investigate and secure the roots of modern German wind power utilization and make it accessible to the public.

Major tasks

Yet, the wind power industry is characterized by a high dynamic development and a fast paced approach. Numerous wind turbines of the pioneering era already disappeared. For the Mühlenheider Wind Power Museum it is of uppermost priority to deal with the roots of this dynamic and fascinating industry. Wind turbines of the 1980s and 1990s make up the basis of today's success of German wind power. Preventing and maintaining them are the major tasks of the museum.


The wind turbines at the Mühlenheider Wind Power Museum range from a few kW to 150kW. Most exhibits are of German origin, but still some are from abroad e.g. Denmark, the Netherlands or Switzerland. While several machines have already been prepared for permanently being exposed to the public, there is an even larger collection of unprepared machines that are currently located in a store. If you want to know more about the collection jump to the exhibits page.


If you can't wait to get in touch with us jump to the contact page, send us a message or just phone us. We are open to anyone who is interested in the museum, our work and/or making a contribution to it. If you have an old wind turbine left or know some one who does just let us know and we figure out what we can do.